Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A)

Analysis and information that powers critical business decisions

Standardizing financial information, especially across a private equity sponsor’s platform and add-on acquisitions, is key to measuring performance and creating value.

A key finance function of most large global companies, financial planning and analysis (FP&A) is a complex, skill-intensive discipline. With business integrations, carve-outs, and add-ons, disparate reporting systems and accounting software complicate the process further.

Our FP&A teams bring financial expertise and industry experience to businesses undergoing an M&A transition. We’re able to methodically and thoughtfully analyze operational and financial data, pressure-test and scrutinize it, then provide realistic forecasts of the upside and downside of an opportunity.

Our background in private equity and investment banking give us unique perspective on financial reporting expectations

Working with a business’ available financial data, we’re able to make reporting repeatable, standardized, and impactful — key to efficiency and accuracy. With standardized financial data, opportunities for growth open up because the business’ reporting is at the level expected by a sponsor’s investment committee and lenders.

The outcomes of our FP&A engagements include:

  • More efficient transactions with a clearer view of the business
  • Less pressure and impact on finance staff
  • Cleaner financials and reduced reporting time
  • Clearly identified risks and opportunities

Each of our engagements is tailored to the sponsor’s expectations, and we enter with a clear understanding of what needs to be accomplished and how we’ll get there. Whether on the buy- or sell-side of an M&A deal, we rapidly identify and execute on FP&A solutions so sponsors can meet their investment goals.

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Our Expertise

We focus exclusively on M&A and the private equity investment lifecycle: transactions, transitions, and transformations of businesses.
Clients turn to our professionals to identify and solve their most complex M&A finance issues, such as carve-outs and challenging integrations. For more details, download our capabilities brochure.


Evaluating the financial details of a deal — from thoughtful and robust financial due diligence to financial modeling and navigation of capital markets — is key to shining light on an opportunity. Our M&A transaction services help with the granular financial details so our clients can close more deals.

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The post-close transition of a business is a sensitive and critical period in the investment lifecycle. Our M&A transition services can help ensure continuity and implementation with minimal disruption, especially in the finance department.

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Significant change means development but can also introduce risk. Our M&A transformation services help to develop and execute thoughtful strategies that preserve underwritten value while simultaneously de-risking change and creating enterprise value.

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Industry Experience


While consumers demand the latest in technology on their commutes, deal competition is fierce to lead the sector.


Building Products

In an industry where external factors loom large, successful value creation through M&A allows for steady growth.


Business Services

The push to deliver services faster and more effectively to consumers has created an active M&A market.


Consumer Goods

Driven by strong competition, the sector presents increasingly diverse opportunities for deals.


Entertainment & Media

As the industry changes to keep pace with consumers and technology, M&A facilitates the hunt for one-of-a-kind assets.



Under pressure from changing legislature, compliance requirements and consumer needs, healthcare deals must be conducted thoughtfully.



Oil and gas, metals and mining, and power and utilities see strong growth factors driven by innovation and efficiency.


Power & Energy

As the needs for power increase worldwide, new opportunities arise for savvy private equity firms to take advantage of M&A trends.



To better catch consumers’ attention, the industry looks to M&A deals to broaden its opportunities for value creation.



In a sector where business innovation is particularly likely to create value, tech deals need focus and attention to mitigate risks.


Transportation & Logistics

As more companies in the sector consolidate, value creation comes from both expanded offerings and innovative technologies.


Other Industries

Our background in operations, investment banking, private equity, and capital markets makes us indispensable in any M&A deal.