Buy & Sell-Side Due Diligence

Gaining a clear view of a transaction's risks and opportunities

Although EBITDA tells the high-level story of a business, delving into the granular details of financial records reveals truths about a business that may not be initially evident.

Our buy- and sell-side FDD teams can identify issues and opportunities that arise during – or that may arise after – the transaction process, helping our clients to make faster, more accurate decisions.

We bring the perspective of a private equity firm to the FDD process, leveraging our shared experience as investors, operators, and business managers to deliver actionable intelligence on business opportunities and reveal hidden value that others may miss. By understanding the earnings and historical trends associated with the contracts, customers, and operations of a business, we gain a clearer picture of a business’ true potential.

We listen to the broad landscape of our clients’ objectives for an acquisition target, then we deliver the granular financial details that enable better investment decisions.

Each engagement we undertake is tailored to the client’s needs. Our clients leverage our focus on the controllership and office of the CFO while they focus on the target business’ operations. Through a partnership approach and shared understanding of needs, we work with our clients to not only deliver security on the numbers but our perspective on needs for transition as well as business improvement opportunities.

  • On the buy side, we examine the processes, people, and systems in place; we ensure that reporting is relevant and reflective of underlying economics; and we uncover details and deal issues. This enables us to identify risks, assess concerns and share in developing solutions.
  • On the sell side, we identify and remediate issues in advance, we develop legitimate responses to potential operating or financial reporting concerns, we present necessary schedules in expected formats, and we anticipate and prepare for buyer questions, all in order to preserve value.

From red-flag reviews to full-scope diligence reports, our team can engage as early as the screening stage and work as a true partner to help evaluate the potential of your next investment opportunity or to optimize your current investment portfolio.

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    Co-Head of Consulting
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Integrated Services

We enable businesses to better prepare for and execute on strategic events.

Strategic events include mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, carve-outs, recapitalizations, refinancings, restructurings, and growth and performance improvement initiatives.

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Investment Banking

A full range of services that enable clients to position their businesses, structure acquisitions and divestitures, run targeted strategic processes, and raise capital.

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Financial Consulting

Perspectives on financial data that enable informed decisions, minimize business disruption, visualize opportunities, and drive value creation.

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Industry Experience


Rapidly evolving with a focus on electric and autonomous vehicles, driving M&A activity in technology and sustainability.

Building Products

Growth due to construction demand, sustainability concerns, and digitalization, which fuels M&A interest.

Business Services

Seeing robust M&A activity driven by technology adoption, remote work trends, and a shift towards outsourcing and digital solutions.

Consumer Goods

Evolving with a focus on e-commerce, sustainability, and changing consumer preferences, leading to active M&A strategies.

Entertainment & Media

Rapidly transforming due to digital streaming, content creation, and evolving consumer behaviors, fostering dynamic M&A opportunities.


Undergoing substantial changes, with a focus on telehealth, biotechnology, and healthcare IT, driving M&A activity in pursuit of innovation and improved patient care.


Evolving through automation, sustainability initiatives, and supply chain optimization, stimulating M&A transactions for efficiency and innovation.

Power & Energy

Transitioning towards renewable energy sources, grid modernization, and sustainability, leading to active M&A activity to reshape the industry landscape.


Adapting to changing consumer preferences and e-commerce, resulting in M&A deals focused on omnichannel strategies, digitization, and supply chain optimization.


Dynamic and driven by innovation, digital transformation, and emerging tech like AI and cybersecurity, fueling continuous M&A opportunities for growth and competitiveness.

Transportation & Logistics

Evolving with autonomous tech, e-commerce, and sustainability, prompting M&A for efficiency and market adaptation.

Other Industries

Our background in operations, investment banking, private equity, and capital markets makes us indispensable in any M&A deal.