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History and Track Record

Established in 2010, Palm Tree was purpose-built for the time‑sensitive, demanding, uncompromising rigors of M&A.

0500+ Engagements We built our services around the phases of M&A. These specialized functions provide clarity and insight with each deliverable.06 Continents We engage with multinational firms on projects in a wide range of industries. Our engagements involve businesses at all stages of growth and size.$075B Transaction Value We approach each engagement as if our own money were at stake. What's important to our clients is important to us.
Note: All figures as of June 2, 2021, unless otherwise indicated.

Pardis Nasseri founded Palm Tree in 2010 in pursuit of his belief that a consulting firm built with a private equity mindset would better understand and serve private equity firms.

His prior work as a principal investor in a private equity firm had revealed a market opportunity. While many accounting and consulting firms may have private equity and M&A practices, none are dedicated exclusively to private equity. And none of them are born out of private equity. Nasseri built Palm Tree to focus exclusively on M&A and the private equity investment lifecycle: transactions, transitions, and transformations of businesses.

In 2019, Nasseri was named among the Most Influential Private Equity Investors and Advisors by The Los Angeles Business Journal.

The members of Palm Tree teams come from private equity, investment banking, consulting, accounting, and operational backgrounds. They are uniquely specialized in complex M&A transactions. This offers private equity firms an external partner that operates like an internal resource, increasing the bandwidth of deal teams so they can focus on more opportunities.

The private equity landscape is continuing to fragment, with smaller funds, independent sponsors, and family offices competing for deals. Pressure is increasing for private equity firms to be lean but maintain their levels of success. A trusted partner, Palm Tree lets firms leverage variable cost resources without compromising quality.

All figures as of June 2, 2021, unless otherwise indicated.

Our Clients

With our roots in private equity, we have built a disciplined firm aligned with the fast‑moving needs of M&A.

We’re trusted by elite private equity firms. Our engagements help them to maximize value while increasing their bandwidth to source deals and raise capital.

We also consider M&A consulting and advisory engagements with select corporations, depending on circumstance.

Global Footprint

Engagements with clients and their businesses around the world.


Offices in Los Angeles, Chicago, Detroit, and Dallas; engaged on projects around the world.

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