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About Palm Tree

Palm Tree was built for businesses that need to prepare for and execute on strategic events such as transactions, transitions, and transformations.

Our History

Palm Tree is the modern M&A advisor. Our integrated investment banking, transaction support, and strategic finance services power the strategic events that drive businesses forward.

We guide clients through high-stakes processes. Our analytical intelligence accelerates decisions, enabling them to better prepare for and execute on transactions, transitions, and transformations.

Investors engage with us to help them highlight opportunities, mitigate risks, and reduce deal friction so they can act decisively and focus on realizing investment objectives. Entrepreneurs and management teams engage with us to help them prepare for, navigate, and succeed in strategic events so they can focus on company performance and preserve operational capacity.

We were born out of private equity. It gives us the resilience, flexibility, and perspective of owners and operators. Our team comes from private equity, Big-4 accounting, investment banking, and business operations experience. We understand the time-sensitive, uncompromising demands of strategic events and we deliver advantageous outcomes for private equity firms and business operators alike.

Pardis Nasseri founded Palm Tree in 2010 with the entrepreneurial vision to build a single source for the services that businesses and private equity firms need in strategic events.

His prior work as a principal investor in a private equity firm had revealed a market opportunity. Nasseri built Palm Tree to focus exclusively on M&A: transactions, transitions, and transformations of businesses.

Our Core Values

Palm Tree Quality

Excellence starts with our people. We are committed to mentorship at all levels. We strive to deliver world-class service and results. Building long-term relationships are what matters most. We live in the details while keeping our eyes on the big picture. Tenacity, grit, and drive are how we show up. Be a thought leader. Raise the bar. Leave it better than you found it.

Palm Tree First

We are proud of who we are, what we do, and how we do it. We foster a culture of collaboration, development, and community. We are committed to our people and our legacy – Once a Palm Tree, always a Palm Tree. Ownership mentality is critical to success. Find a WAY; Do the WORK; Deliver RESULTS.

Rooted in Integrity

How you do anything is how you do everything. Do the right thing, even when no one is looking. We own our actions and stand behind our team. Have a growth mindset and challenge one another to be better. We are professionals. We respect ourselves, our clients, and our Firm.

Perceptive Perspective

We have the courage to challenge the status quo. Wisdom tempered with fresh perspectives can create better solutions. There are no shortcuts for hard work. We never confuse effort with results. Our success is driven by creating simple solutions.

Stay Frosty

We set our goals in concrete but draw our plans in the sand. Diverse opinions, backgrounds, and perspectives result in the best outcomes. Embrace constructive feedback. Be comfortable being uncomfortable. Like a Palm Tree, we are flexible enough to move in any direction yet strong enough to weather the storm.


Who We Serve

Private Equity Firms and Other Investors

We help investors highlight opportunities, mitigate risks, reduce deal friction, act decisively, and realize investment objectives. This enables M&A teams to focus on deploying capital and operations teams to focus on unlocking value.

Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, and Management Teams

We help operators prepare for, navigate during, and succeed following strategic events. This enables internal teams to focus on company performance, avoid disruptions, and preserve operational capacity.


We help lenders streamline their process by revealing robust, accurate financial data. This enables lenders to clearly assess the borrower’s capital resources, earnings, and overall financial position. We also bring lenders new transaction opportunities and facilitate exits.

Wealth Managers, Accounting Firms, Law Firms, and Other Advisors

We help trusted advisors to better serve their clients by providing trustworthy, reliable services. This enables them to protect their relationships and add value for their clients.

Global Footprint

Engagements with clients and their businesses around the world.


Nationwide presence, global reach on client engagements around the world.

Call +1 (310) 636-2050.

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